[DW] Missing Package in Frontend and possible to save over cooked maps

  • When attempting to cook a workshop item, the pipeline fails to complete due to a missing package ‘DW_MUS_MainMenu’
    This happens regardless if the workshop item is a map file or contains only scripts or both. Deleting CookedPC, and verifying game cache through steam does not resolve it. Of somewhat high importance so people can make custom content for C:DW.

    It is also possible to save modified cooked packages. I managed to do this with ‘N_Art.udk’ located at
    G:\Steam\SteamApps\common\chivalrymedievalwarfare\CDW\CDWGame\CookedPC\DW\Levels\Ninja\Ninja Sublevels
    This is easily fixed by users buy deleting the modified package and verifying gamecache. This should not be possible but can be considered of low-importance as anyone using the SDK should know better.

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