No unlock progress

  • I don’t know when exactly this started, I am sure it was working at one point, but recently our server has stopped giving progress to players unlocks. Any idea why?

    Also, TDM maps are not ending properly on our server. Once the other team has been killed off, out of respawns and everyone dead, the round wont end and change maps. I experienced this on stoneshill and ruins. I posted this in the bug reports thread as well.

  • A server restart seemed to magically fix all problems. Still don’t know what caused them.

  • Not quite sure what the dealio with TDM is…just played a TDM and it finished fine. I"ll have to look at that more closely.

    As far as unlocks you’ll want to check a couple things:
    bRankedServer is true in PCServer-UDKgame.ini
    and that there are at least 5 people in the server.

    And if for some reason your server isn’t able to communicate with Steam, that would do it too…but glad a restart worked :P

  • Started happening again this morning. bRankedServer is true, and we had more than 5 people.

  • I’m also experiencing the same problem. Looking through the logs I saw this pop up after a new map started.

    [38813.42] Log: StartOnlineGame() LAN Match: 0
    [38813.42] Error: Can't start an online game in state 3

    Would this be related? There was also a few lines in the server window that flew by and said something about not sending stats. It didn’t show up in the logs so I don’t have a copy of it. It seems like maybe the server lost connection to Steam. At the end, the server wouldn’t show in the server list and no new people could join. Existing players could still continue on just fine.

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