Volume slider bug?

  • I’ve taken the music volume slider all the way down yet I still hear one particular soundtrack. It usually starts playing when I just join a server.

    I don’t know the name of the Song but it got recently added to the game and has way too much bass, which makes extra annoying.

    Is this possible to fix?
    Is this thread in the wrong location?

  • The Belmez intro? :D

  • You can never have too much bass.

  • Belmez’s intro music indeed isn’t categorized as music but as a sound instead.
    I’d like it fixed as well but honestly couldn’t care too much since trying to coordinate your pub teammates to not constantly take the flag and immediately die afterwards on your own is one of the most excruciating non bug-related experiences I’ve had in this game.

  • Anyone know if the music files can be found and deleted? I’d like to choose my own music. But instead I get a mix of my prefered music and the belmez intro’s “Dun dun DUN dun Dun dun Dun DUN!”

  • Yeah please torn banners. I promise this fix will be an easy one <3

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