DLC to the DLC

  • Are we going to get any new content for Deadliest Warrior or no? Imo it’s infinitely greater than Medieval yet it seems like it’s been forgotten. I’d love to see new classes, maps and gear added. It isn’t a huge request and honestly I expected it to be released soon after the DW dlc was released… What is going on?

  • @Ɖrəɐɱ:

    it seems like it’s been forgotten.

    Gotta agree with you there, definitely seems like the devs really don’t give a single shit. I know that some other team worked on it, but in my opinion they could still get a small group to work on it.

  • In their FAQ they said they aren’t focusing on DW at this time.

    Which means they don’t have a enough staff and can’t do it lol. That UE4 project.

    Blame the people who don’t play DW at all.

  • DW never should have been an expansion in the first place. It is a separate game that adds nothing to the base game. I really wish they had marketed it as a stand alone product. It might have sold more to people who were interested but didn’t want to buy 2 games to play one of them.

    Really enjoyed this game but once I figured they did not care about fixing it at all, I moved on passed the server I was renting for it onto someone else.


  • I think DW served its purpose, ability to market to a wider audience but TBS is correct in that its to be focused around CMW which has TO and is longer lasting. And UE4 project.

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