Rank Glitch

  • I stopped playing chivalry after i hit rank 55 back in May last year because of career, and so i recently got back into chiv in around December, yet i notice some people i know had higher ranks lowered, including myself, which i was put back to rank 51 which about 2 bars to 52… Is it possible to go back to my true rank? Alot of game time for rank 55.


    I started chivalry in 2012 when it was being released

  • About a year ago it skipped me ahead from rank 39 to 45. It seems pretty common for people to experience this kind of bug. The only advice I can give you is suck it up, cause they won’t change your rank back.

  • The jump to 45 was a bug that always jumped you to 45. 45 on the verge of getting 46. Tons of people had it.

  • I don’t play very often so I’m still only halfway through rank 49. Without doing the exact math, I’d say I’m really a rank 45 or so. Grinding 45-49 is about equal to 38-45 I think.

  • I jumped from 44 to 46.

    Just got rank 44 legit. 2 days later rank 45. Next game rank 46.

    Strange times.

  • Back in the day I was stuck at rank 25. Every longer session for about 2h-3h I ranked up to 26, but the next time I booted the game up, I was 25 again. The same happened from 34 to 35. Overall for a appr. 100h game time I have been reset over and over again.

    Right now I encounter another strange thing. I am rank 48 for about 125h hours now. And the xp at the end of the map doesnt quite fit all the time. For example on drunkenbazaar. When the teams are pretty even and the attackers make it to the last objective, we get quite a long match. Its not uncommon to get many kills/assists then. I can get stats like 74/41/38 then. But when the game ends the xp counter says “8000 something xp”. And that is way less than I should get. This happened a lot lately but only with really high stats. 50+ kills and at least half the assists. Pretty strange.

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