Ahemm, Aheem… BS

  • Does anyone remember the clan ‘Blood Sacrifice’?

    Did anyone here used to be in the clan?

    Does anyone remember the epic battles of helms deep against vanquish?

    Does anybody want to renew the Blood Sarcrifice?

    Just kickin’ the idea around…

  • As far as I know, there are a couple of members around, most importantly


  • i do remember the epic battles on helms, they were epic.

  • Developer

    Blackbird, go for it man, BS has too much history to not be resurrected for the new game. Plus, someone needs to beat those Vanquish scoundrels.

  • Would indeed bo good to have another of the veteran clans back among us. Too few of the old ones left now, far too few.

  • Wicked I’ll give it a go, of course we were hoping to have tibberius bane at our helm, but i do understand that might not be possible.

  • Developer

    I’d love to get involved in the competitive community post release, but leading a clan is not realistic for my schedule and would possibly anger some people, heh.

  • Being a member of Blood Sacrifice was an experience one can’t forget easily. The battles we fought, especially those in which I had the honor of commanding my fellow clanmates, are still a strong memory. And indeed, the Battle of Helms Deep was possibly the best clan match I had - the carnage at the last tower was incredible.

    For now I am silently watching the development of the game, but when the time comes, Blood Sacrifice can count on my blade.

  • Brilliant Alpha, this is good news!

  • WOW

    We’ve had a fair bit more interest than I could have expected. So far we’re looking at 5 - 6 people interested, and that was purely from me making this thread and changing my tag to -[BS]- once again! :D

    So I guess the next stage is to actually start getting a little more serious, I’ll try and get the word around to more and more old -[BS]- players. With any luck we’ll have a functioning clan once again. Now all we need is the game that accompanies it!

    Then I’ll start on things like creating a website for us and cracking on some signatures and such.

    Also Tibbs, I didn’t fully read into this earlier but in response, you always know you’re more than welcome to just be a member, looks like myself, alpha and donutman should be able to take care of all aspects of leadership.

  • The Crimson Federation, having fought countless battles over the years, have finally reached the end of the road. With only a handful men left in the once glorious clan, Cindurion was contacted by Blackbird regarding the glorious reform of the once great and mighty Blood Sacrifice clan!

    “Together, we will create a new and reformed clan! We will learn from our past mistakes and rule this land! You have my axe!” Cindurion bursted out after hearing Blackbird’s plan.

    “And you have my sword and shield!” Monoxide cried out!

    And then they talked for many hours of the once (and soon to be) glorious clan called Blood Sacrifice.

    And so, while this is the end of one road, one must remember that a new one lies ahead of us. Only the future will tell where this road will lead us, but for now know that Blood Sacrifice is once again very real and shall be feared once more!

  • Classic.

  • Ok I’ve set us up a little cheeky website with a forum. www.thebloodsacrifice.webs.com

    Be handy if you headed over there and went to the forum and got signed up, I’ve started a thread to enlist on. Just want to start getting a better idea of definitive numbers, and then I’ll add you to the enlisted men so we can watch the clan grow.

  • Awesome, can’t wait to see you guys on the battlefield. Also can’t wait to spill your blood :)

  • All we need is KoTrT now and all the classic clans will be back :P

  • @-Slash-:




    all the classic clans will be back :P

    Not so fast, Tim!

  • BS indeed.

  • I don’t think there will ever be another TEK, so the original clans will never be restored.

  • i’ve heard rumors of kotrt getting back together for the next game

  • They disbanbed rofl. Vq for life baby. Sucks ass though about some of these clans dying out. Good stuff bs getting back together Vq. v BS was just epic not going to lie. Those good old days in helms.

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