-UPW- Friendly scrim looking for more clans to come.

  • Hello folks !

    I’m about to create a friendly Scrim to play Saturday, february 7th, 1pm (Montréal time) I wander if there’s another clan who wish to participate and play with us. More than 1 clan can join if you want. It’s more of a frendly scrim. It’s our first group event and I wish something smooth without rude and insulting purpose between clans. Clean fights only.

    I’m first looking here to see if there’s a group interested for this event. We could join our forces and having fun together. I don’t know how many players will participate from our clan. It’s the next step i’m about to do right next after this post. I’m proudly sure that 5-6 members will participate, mabee more.

    I suggest making some clans duels AND some 5v5 6v6 7v7 ect… depends on how many players join. We also don’t have any clan server at the moment so we will randomly pick up one in the list. Unless clans that join the scrim have one, it’s the only solution I’ve found.

    Now, you can answer this post to participate or contact me on Steam (add -UPW-StudioBG) Can’t wait to have news from all of you !

    Have a good day and contact me for more infos ! :lemo:

    Benoit Gravel

  • Im assuming you all are Canada? We might have some central servers that would accommodate both sides. This isnt a definitive yes, as i have to talk to the others but we shall see :)

  • Aww, cool =] As far as “friendly scrims” go, you should also get in contact with Lapu so that you’re informed when random Pick Up Group games are happening. Basically scrims with whoever wants to play, often made up of a few members of various clans. Less organization required, still good fun and competition.

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