GTX 970's - sold out or not being supplied?

  • Hey guys

    Went looking for a 970 yesterday at local computer mart, all 5 shops advice they don’t stock them anymore

    Checked online for other shops & can’t find them listed anymore… can only see them now on pccasegear

    Checked on nvidia forums & everyone posting about vram issues…

    Thought that the card was really good & that very popular no?


  • I’ve been reading about this all day because I was very close to pulling the trigger on a 970. It’s a helluva deal and a great performer for the price, but I’m going to wait for this whole VRAM thing to blow over, and I want to see Nvidia’s official solution.

    To my somewhat limited knowledge, basically what’s happening is, when people are going over 3.5gb VRAM on their 970, instead of getting the advertised 224gb/sec memory bandwith, it drops down to 10x slower 20gb/sec and even though you’re not maxing out your VRAM your performance is crippled by this. Nvidia unveiled today that there are two partitions in the way the 970 delves out VRAM, the 3.5gb and a separate .5gb partition. A better explanation…

    “The GeForce GTX 970 is equipped with 4GB of dedicated graphics memory. However the 970 has a different configuration of SMs than the 980, and fewer crossbar resources to the memory system. To optimally manage memory traffic in this configuration, we segment graphics memory into a 3.5GB section and a 0.5GB section. The GPU has higher priority access to the 3.5GB section. When a game needs less than 3.5GB of video memory per draw command then it will only access the first partition, and 3rd party applications that measure memory usage will report 3.5GB of memory in use on GTX 970, but may report more for GTX 980 if there is more memory used by other commands. When a game requires more than 3.5GB of memory then we use both segments.”

    This is the first we’re having about this from Nvidia, so it seems to reach the great price/performance of the 970(a $330 card beating the original $650 MSRP GTX 780), it seems they cut corners…If the other .5gb partition performed up to par this wouldn’t be an issue. And for me personally who’s only going to be gaming at 1080p and know I probably won’t get close to 3.5gb usage, this still gives me great pause in pulling the trigger for purchase. So I’m going to wait for a hopefully inevitable v2 revision, or maybe a driver/bios update that can fix this. As to the issue of limited availablity, where are you located? I don’t think they’re being pulled from stores because of the aforementioned issue so that’s odd you’re having trouble finding them, they are very popular though.

  • I doubt some small bug will stop this card being a nice purchase considering the low power usage and power.
    Also the Gtx Titan II and gtx 980ti is around the corner which will overshadow the 980 and 970 causing more
    price reductions. If your playing a game full of bugs anyway it does not matter tbh

  • @loin:

    Also the Gtx Titan II and gtx 980ti is around the corner

    Any idea on price ranges for the 980ti??

  • I don’t know yet but as usual Ebay is full of gtx780’s to even gtx980’s from private sellers going at low prices.
    A hard core element buy the latest cards and sell them on at every new release.

  • Just to say the Gtx 960 is released. £163.00 inclusive of delivery seems very good. Do check the low power needs and
    I think it just uses one 6pin powerlead! Temptation and Quality in one package to bring affordable gaming to you.

  • Some stuff on the VRAM issue here:

    Looks like Nvidia really dropped the ball on this one. It’s all very interesting, but in the end the 970 doesn’t perform any differently than we thought it did so all this fuss is really more about principle than anything else.

  • well the GTX 980s have some issues too. Hoping it is just drivers

  • This post is deleted!

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