Join The Knights of Chaos

  • Join The Knights of Chaos and you shall be taught how to be the best at Chivalry.

    Send a message to Mr Kurbb Stompp on XBL if your curious.

  • Anyone who joins my clan like Kurbbie will be rewarded with ultimate glory on the battlefield. So join my Knights of Chaos like Kurrbie did and you can see for yourself what it means to truly be undefeated. Good job Kurbbie, you’ve proven your loyalty to the clan and to me. Also be ready to check out our upcoming website for those looking for more information about us.

  • Just to reiterate, I am a damn good player and i dont use the exploits like some people do on the XBL Norse Sword 3rd person knight swinging crazy is not what i do. I’ll teach anyone who wishes to learn. Come join us.

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