General Firefly's "Dark Alliance"

  • Any clan out there who wishes to share glory with my clan “the Knights of Chaos”, please message me on Xbox or reply on this thread. You will then be considered part of the "Dark Alliance. The dark alliance is just a cool name for any clan that is allied with me.

    “Kings and Leaders, no poor sap ever won a war by dying for his Clan. He won it by being all that he can be. Damn the Ballista, or give me death! Eternal vigilance is the price of duty. And, to the victors go the spoils. So remember: you are the best of the best; of the few and the proud. So ask not what your ally’s can do for you, only regret that you have but one clan to serve! The war against the unworthy will be won! Dark Alliance, let the first shot be fired! Search out those who would stop us and wreck’em all!”

    You must be a clan leader before you can ally with “The Knights of Chaos” and become a member of the Dark Alliance.

  • General we join in the allied ur a friend and true fighter! FLYIN6DUTCHM4N leader of W4R-WOLV3S. The pack let NEVER a friend or teammate behind. Howl and we are comming! cheers FLYIN6DUTCHM4N

  • Welcome W4R-WOLV3S to the “Dark Alliance”!

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