A few saucy Archer/Gameplay suggestions

  • Hi, As a personal fan of the archer class I think there should be a little addition to make them more agile or at least faster as I have always been the victim of Knights in full plate chasing me down and skewering me like a piece of chicken and if not a 20 ft sword swinging down on a dagger doesnt do much lol. The aiming is very nice and realistic and everything about the class is good but its just that you’d expect archers to be quick and nimble LIKE the man at arms… or at least faster than Knights and vanguards.

    Another suggestion is a little gameplay tweak in if you get stabbed or shot in the leg then you cant run or if you Block too many Power blows or block too late then your arm can be crippled. Something to spice the game up even more.

    Also the weapon variations are awesome but maybe a couple more would be nice such as flaming arrows popular in the medieval era.

    Last thing and its a question. Will there be any more character customization options in the future?

    Other than that the game is AWESOME!!! :D

  • Archer is actually exactly the same speed as Man-at-Arms. If you start running before they get close, you’ll outrun them - however, two factors will make it easy for someone to chase you down if you let them get close first. First is the fact that sprint takes time to reach max speed, so if they’re coming at you in full sprint and you just started sprinting away, they’ll close the distance faster than you think. Secondly, once an enemy is on your screen within a certain distance, your base speed gets a pretty significant increase, so if they’re up close chasing you, while you’re not chasing an enemy yourself, they’ll definitely catch you eventually.

    None of this is likely to change. The intention is to encourage archers - and players in general - to either make intelligent tactical decisions, like falling back when they know a disadvantageous engagement is coming, or to live with their decision to not retreat and be forced to fight, rather than deciding at the last minute they’d rather run away.

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