Perk System?

  • Does anyone else here think perks would benefit this game? It would add a lot of different playstyles and variety to Chivalry. Each class could have a different set of perks to choose from and unlock as you level up in that class. It’s also something more to work on once you unlock all the weapons, and would add more potential playtime (and fun) to the game.

  • I disagree. Sounds a little too much like call of duty to me. It would probably unbalance the game, but they could possibly fit it in somehow.

  • I’ve always been for the inclusion of perks, personally - just small choices that can effect your playstyle. Most people disagree, however, and admittedly they would be very difficult to balance.

  • Hell no - this is more a skill based game like Counter-strike. Perks are totally out of place.

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