Stuttering issue? Need some advice.

  • Hey guys, desperate chiv player here. Recently I have been having a serious problem with my fps and game stuttering. Really I don’t know what is happening. Any help would be wonderful.

    What is happening is whenever someone attacks me or I attack, the attack animation is not smooth. It stutters and is almost like watching a slideshow. Sometimes the animation doesn’t seem to play at all. I see a stuttering windup then boom, I take damage. This occurs most severely when there are multiple people fighting on my screen at once. I’m sorry I don’t know how to describe it any other way. The animation becomes choppy and stuttering, like a slideshow.

    This problem started happening last week when they released the new DLC. I am unsure if this could have anything to do with it. I have tried lowering setting(they are all on minimum now), all the tips on the giant solution page, and even re-installing a game, which is a 3 day process for me :/

    I will attach my dxdiag but I don’t think my computer is the problem as I used to be able to run the game on near max settings with butter smooth game play.

    If you fine people could give me any information or solutions regarding this issue that would be much appreciated, as in it’s current state the game is quite frustrating and unplayable. Thanks in advance.

  • I’ve had this problem since the DLC patch as well. Definitely a not-uncommon complaint, currently, but unfortunately I haven’t any advice for you.

  • Same here, and it’s been happening to a lot, if not most players.
    All I can suggest is giving 32bit mode a try, this would usually work for me if I had this kind of problem in the past.
    It hasn’t helped for me this time though; it’s definitely this demonic patch.

    You can force the 32bit version of Chivalry by clicking “Play” in your Steam Library.

  • Here is a tweak that may help and I have posted quite a few over the years. The ones to watch out for is Vsync and Triple buffering enabled if you use it in the Nvidia Control Panel. (if you have an Nvidia Card)



    Reduce this number down till you feel comfortable. This will knock down the detail of player model textures.
    The new DLC helmets and crap are horribly aliased.

  • Well this is the first time I have had a chance to play after the patch and the hot patch and something is very wrong. There is a massive increase in micro stuttering and down right massive swings of stuttering at times. So I am not sure my tweaks are going to help.

  • Thanks guys, tried the 32-bit version and your tweak Retsnom. No noticeable changes unfortunately. Glad I’m not the only one experiencing this problem though, maybe something will be done about it.

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