The Dark Alliance is now the 1# Society on chivalry (Xbox)

  • @Karasu:

    Probably more likely that they uninstalled.

    Nope brand new clan. Leader comes on the steam forums saying he has “40 men ready to fight” and challenged another clan to fight his. Clan was 3 weeks old. Chivalry being the only game listed in the group, it had a chivalry name and a chivalry clan icon. He was adamant that all his clan members had the game until he went and looked at all the members profiles. 18 didn’t own it and 2 that did had never played it.

    Even if it’s uninstalled it shows up in their list of games. You can hide individual games from public view but that’s a new feature nobody knows about and I highly doubt half his group would of done that.

  • Your talk about PC clans is quite interesting but this is the wrong place to to talk about it. This thread is about Xbox clans and the Dark Alliance. So to get things back on track let me just end with…

    “Kings and Leaders, no poor sap ever won a war by dying for his Clan. He won it by being all that he can be. Damn the Ballista, or give me death! Eternal vigilance is the price of duty. And, to the victors go the spoils. So remember: you are the best of the best; of the few and the proud. So ask not what your ally’s can do for you, only regret that you have but one clan to serve! The war against the unworthy will be won! Dark Alliance, let the first shot be fired! Search out those who would stop us and wreck’em all!”

  • I also changed my avatar to something more fitting.

  • @General:

    What a flattering title Oy… It really brings out my good side. If only you played on the xbox, I would lead you like any Benevolent Dictator, Supreme Leader, Vice President of Canadia should. Back on topic, The Dark Alliance website shall be up and running soon.

    What are you? Loin 2.0?

  • @gndo:

    What are you? Loin 2.0?

    Impossible. There is no tbh used.

  • So much for me trying to get this thread back on topic… Who the hell is Loin?

  • What is this topic even about? Bible quotes? Because that’s all I’m seeing from you console folks.

  • I had 1 bible quote. This thread is about clans joining my Dark Alliance in my number#1 society on Xbox. The end of the world mumbo jumbo is to just add flavor in the suspense of things that me and the other xbox clans have started. It’s the kind of stuff you PC folk wouldn’t begin understand.

  • Loin… Are you talking about that guy with the rooster avatar? I still don’t get the reference you compare me to.

  • Please keep things on topic or I’m going to have to do this to you.

  • I don’t think anyone knows what the topic is.

  • @gndo:

    I don’t think anyone knows what the topic is.

    The topic is that merge all console clans into one so that there will be no more scrims in the future.

    It’s a foolproof plan, really.

  • Surprised Microsoft doesn’t charge you for making a clan too.

  • Almost every large clan on Xbox is part of my Dark Alliance. This game of cat and mouse is coming to an end as the final pieces of my diabolic puzzle takes their place. Very few stand against me and soon nobody shall. World domination (Xbox) is in my grasp.

    General Firefly marches across every land. Every kingdom left shattered like glass. Rebellious clan leaders taken captive only to be executed. Loyalists of the Dark alliance spying behind every corner, In every kingdom on every throne. No village left unburned. No castle left unsieged. No realm left unconquered. Nothing can stop this reign of darkness… The reign of General Firefly. There will be no mercy.

  • I do declare that this is probably one of the best chivalry clans of all time! (To any of those who oppose than there will be a golden julip hwaitin on the other side right after I cast you over the rift and into the eternal void that will be your newfound home where all the Dark Allience enemies dwell within after they foolishly made the mistake to mess with The Dark Allience and the will rue the day that they ever clicked yes on their Xbox controllers to confirm purchase!!!

  • That’s an interesting way of putting things…

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Clans of the Dark Alliance

    • The Knights of Chaos- Leader- General Firefly
    • The W4R WOLV3S- Leader- FLYIN6DUTCHM4N
    • The Black Army- Leader- TheChosenOne450
    • The Templars- Leader- xMOSERx

    More join the Dark Alliance each day. An official census hasn’t been made yet but there is between 60-80 of us. Other 3rd party groups population between 10-20 are also with us but are considered “Mercenaries” Due to the fact that they don’t have clan names. 60-80 (Not including 3rd party groups) might not seem like allot at first but that’s almost the entire clan community on Xbox. Most of us are between levels 30-40+ with a few level 20’s. We are the single greatest force on Xbox that cannot be stopped or undone; the Dark Alliance. My flame of power is eternal just as I am. There is no light… There is no mercy… There is only Darkness.

  • I gotta at least give you credit for not having any retarded numbers or Xx in your gamertag.

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