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  • Hi,

    is there one for Chivalry which works? I’m looking for a way to ban players remotely. The ingame command for it requires you to pick a player id from a list which is a problem when you want to do it remotely, I assume.

    Currently I add a ban entry to the config file. But this only takes effect when the server is restarted right after which is not an option. When the map reloads all changes to the ban entries are reverted.

    I’m renting a SimRai server btw.

  • It says this on the end of the first post:

    Final (For now): I’ve removed the files, honestly this source was not really in a state to be shared, Way too many bugs (random disconnections, failure to recconect automatically), will look into a better version but no promises can be made, since testing for these bugs require a full server (My guess is that it’s something wrong with the RCON implementation on split packets, but it’s too soon to point fingers)

    So i don’t think it works.

  • Thank you for the suggestion. It crashes for me every time I try to reset the connection. But it never connected in the first place.
    In addition, I did not see any option to do remote bans, no console/ commandline or so.

    But it seems easy, just typing the ip and ports and it should connect (at least when the ‘play’ button is clicked of the server list element or the ‘connected’ checkbox is clicked). These just don’t work for me. The server was up an running. My server doesn’t have a password so I tried leaving it blank or typing the admin password.

    Edit: ok, seems like I still need to set the port in the settings. Will try that, when I restart the server the next time.

  • yes you will need to add the port to your INI server files as well as a password. You will also need a password if you are in game on your server as well. I run Chiv Rcon Tool and it is pretty damn good… Yeah it will crash on occasion but it has lots of features once you get to know it.

  • Yes, it kinda works now after I set the port. But u certainly need patience with this app. Sometimes it doesn’t connect and crashes every time I tried to close it. Only a pc restart helped.

    However, the app is not bad and I thank the dev for it.

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