Custom UScript not executed on copy-workshop item

  • Hi,

    the setting: I have 2 entries/ profiles/ workshop items in the sdk Frontend.
    They have a different name but the ‘Maps to cook’ and the ‘Scripts to Cook/Compile’ are the same. So even the mapname and source is the same.
    There are 2 script folders added to ‘Scripts to Cook/Compile’.

    When I press ‘Clean and Full Recook’ the map compile output logs look the same for both workshop items except for the id of course.
    They are compiled to different folders but with the same content it seems.
    The scripts also compile seperately for both workshop items the same way.

    The issue is one of the 2 script entries in ‘Scripts to Cook/Compile’ seems to completly fail to function ingame for ONE of the workshop items.
    The custom Kismet nodes just don’t execute ingame. They don’t output anything either on that map. It works for PIE and the other map (which should be exactly the same).

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