Team damage 100% without even one hit??

  • Hello,

    may i introduce myself;) my ingame name is XForceFlex and i am from Germany.
    I have been playing Chivalry Medieval Warfare for about 2 years.
    But now i got a little problem.
    When i played the map “ColdFront” i was kicked because of “100% teamdamage”. But i didnt hit anyone.
    I was kicked before i could meet anyone else ^^ If i hit an ally i would recognize;)
    This happend two times on different servers. The second time has been on “official Blackknight TO server”.
    Dose anyone else know this kind of problem? I really dont understand what is happening and am concerned this may will happen on my favorite servers.
    I hope my english is ok and you understand me :playful:


  • There is a bug in Coldfront where using the Ballista might randomly be considered to be teamdamage.

    Torn Banner should already be aware of this, but it’s just one of the many low-priority bugs I suppose.

  • Thank You! Now i feel reassured again;)

  • What kind of low bastard scans the votekick screen to kick any random with 100% team damage?

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