Connecting to own server only in DMZ.

  • Hey guys,
    I just set up a passworded server for my friends and me to play (on a Linux VPS). Everything went ok with Wine and co. and they can connect. The only one who cannot connect is me! I can connect to random servers on the internet but when I try to connect to my own it’s stuck at the loading screen. I forwarded the Chivalry ports which are known but it still doesn’t work. But if I activate DMZ to my computer (which I really don’t want to activate!) I can normally play on it.
    So, are there ports which are not known to the public which need to be opened? I read some threads on the forums which the exact problems which are still unanswered.

  • How are you connecting to it? Local or External IP?

  • External IP. The log file only shows this when I connect:

    [0032.44] NetComeGo: Close IpNetDriverSteamworks_2 IpNetConnectionSteamworks_2 02/02/15 10:54:42[0032.46] Init: WinSock: Socket queue 32768 / 32768
    [0056.07] Log: FSocketWin::Close
    [0056.07] Log: FSocketWin::Close

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