Questions about dlc and update

  • i wanted to know if there will be any dlc for the xbox 360 and ps3 versions of chivalry medieval warfare… such as items like the elite knights dlc and the new user generated content that is on the pc version. i would also like to know if there will be any new maps available like citadel and and others… also will there be any patches or update to fix things like the very annoying lag in the future.??

  • we haven’t gotten a response from them. they aren’t gonna do anything.

  • They really should. The ps3 version seems to have loads of glitches possibly due to how it seemed to be rushed out considering the release was postponed twice. Mainly tho id like to see new content. There’s lots of unlocks like for the crossbow and knight’s tertiary equipment which aren’t actually things. There just spaces with the question mark on. Again fire arrows are a slot on the bow but it just shows as a question mark - if its not gonna be put in the game remove the unlock question mark. Or balance the fire arrows to get around why they were removed due to being OP. New weapon skins etc would be great, you can’t neglect the console users considering they are probably the potentially most profitable and most non-niche consumers to the game.

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