Wonderful game, but there are some minor issues.

  • This game is a complete gem, in my honest opinion, but I feel like a few issues need addressing. I may be in the wrong here, and these are simply my opinions.

    1.) Polearms/heavy weapons in general are too easily spammed. In many of my games I have seen top scoring knights with K/Ds of 10 or more win by simply doing swing-swing-swing combos over and over again. Their power and reach are understandable, but their speed compared to the other weapons is ridiculous. There needs to be changes to reduce the amount of heavy weapon spam, higher stamina costs or slower swings would be effective.

    2.) Autobalance needs to be on by default. No exceptions. The lack of it is completely gamebreaking seeing as half of the official servers are stacked.

  • I can agree with #2, but I think you’ll change your mind about #1 with enough practice.

  • @SlyGoat:

    I can agree with #2, but I think you’ll change your mind about #1 with enough practice.

    With #1 you can easily get inside their defences and kill them, it’ll only be hard for the first few days of playing the game.

  • Oh, I forgot to add this one to the original post. The MAA’s dodge is too “sticky”, the one button dodge doesn’t really do much because by the time you’ve stopped enough to dodge you could have just as easily double tapped the movement key. This part in particular is purely opinion, but I think that it takes too long after a dodge to move your camera.

    But that, that’s all of them.

    As for the responses, it still presents a lazy strategy of brute forcing your way through. All I ask is that you keep an eye on them to see if this indeed does slow/stop.

  • I agree with all the points, dodge is a little sticky and you cannot doge backwards than forwards very fast, it often dodges backwards twice instead.

  • Played a lot more today, a LOT of people are complaining about 2h weapon spamming. The swings recover way too fast.

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