Can the level 50s their own servers please?

  • Because every time they log onto my favorite team objective server they ruin the fun for everyone. They just annihilate anyone who hasn’t put in 1000+ hours into this game and it shows why Chivalry went from a popular game upon release to a niche that caters to the neckbeard. Steam sales bring in new players but they never stay because they get their asses handed to them by the likes of PDK, Perses, Bloody Nine and the rest of the 1000+ hour virgin brigade.

    I can appreciate the learning curve of Chiv but not everyone has the damn luxury of living with their parents rent free so they can git gud by dragging a virtual sword with a mouse 60 hours per week. Could you kindly split them off from the rest of the player base? It only takes a few of those bastards to dictate the outcome of a TO match. I can appreciate the learning curve of Chiv but these guys are truly unique and deserve only to face off against other neckbeards who routinely complete a TO match with 53 kills and 12 deaths.

  • Sounds like someone has a case of the “STOP KILLING ME FOR FUCK’S SAKE, WAAAH” virus.

  • This thread’s going places.

    They bought the game too. My humblest apologies.

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