"Chivalry 2" map design

  • @lemonater47:

    You sure that was an actual Chiv dev? I don’t think they make quite an effort to point out they are a developer. Easiest way to find out is to see if they are a skeleton.

    Edit: My mistake. One of them had made that much of an effort to point out that they are indeed a dev. Still could be fake though. Name length doesn’t seem to match up and it has an extra Torn banner logo.

    It’s the only EU dev and the name length matches. He has had two TBS logos after his name since the last update I think, I guess TBS broke their dev logos or something.

    He doesn’t use skeleton skin, instead he uses the flaming helmets and plays mostly vanguard.

  • @filthypeasant:

    also i wouldn’t get my hopes too high for chiv2 this is what i had to read few days ago in response to ue4 project

    Well Steve already announced it wasn’t going to be a Chivalry 2. The way it was worded though was that it wasn’t going to be a game like “Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 2”, but rather it could be game following similar mechanic systems and whatnot just labeled as a new game.

  • I already told you guys they’re making Clasher, a medieval sword game revolving around bears that use swords. The other team will be spear chucking Elephants. It’s a mammoth task.

  • Rest in peace

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