Raid 10 for gaming.

  • I suggest those of you who want to really get into a meaty gaming system look at
    setting up a Raid 10 system. The read and write speeds are increased and no fears
    about a crashed hard drive as they are mirrored.

    After finishing my workstation build with Two Quadcore 3.40 processors with 32gb ram.
    I decided to try set up integrated mirroring enhanced with 6 hard drives running w8.1
    Its blisteringly quick as you can imagine. After using 6*250gb drives you lose half the
    space but the system is staggeringly fast and drives are mirrored.

    My next build will be a Raid 10 gaming system. Do you have a project build ?

  • I have an SSD.

  • Loin, why did you not opt for RAID 1 SSD? That’s currently my preferred setup for my systems.

  • I want a demonic machine that’s liquid cooled with virgin blood and powered by widow’s tears.

  • I am working on a potato powered computer.

  • Very interesting tbh. I do have a game rig with ssd plus 3 way sli gtx580’s. Raid 1+0 looks better as it offers
    both types. After picking up twenty 250gb drives last year it was a chance to stick some in a project tbh.
    Once you master the art you can infact transpose that in to valued knowledge esp in the business IT world.
    Who knows even pick up some cash for your wallet. My old red camping fridge looks like it might be a nice
    project build converted into a midi computer, perhaps you have stuff lying around which could be your project.

  • Sorry to dig this up but I didn’t want to make a new thread. Having just picked up a GTX960 video card at a very low
    price, I noted it only needed one power lead, I will clear my project build of dust and try gaming on it in the week.

    Raid 10 gaming is rumoured to have very fast speeds . pasted some info below.

    RAID 10 is best… it offers speed and stability… which requires 4 HDD’s. 2 for Raid 0 and 2 for raid 1People would go for 4 HDD’s on RAID 0… ok its great speed, but it carries a huge risk of problems…
    People don’t understand what RAID settings are, they just read a little bit and think they know it and when something goes wrong they blame hardware rather than themselves for not doing it right.
    Raid 0 is fast because its a combined speed of all drives in the array, for instance say 3 drives in raid 0
    1st drive reads at 80MB/s
    2nd drive reads at 62MB/s
    3rd drive reads at 70MB/s
    The total speed would be 212MB/s… the reason is this…
    RAID 0 stores data on all 3 drives, but in pieces, one drive will get 1/3 of the data, so will the 2nd and 3rd drive… not one drive contains 100% of a file. So when you access a file it has to access all 3 drives simultaneously which means all drives speeds are added.
    The one bad thing is, if one drive fails, every file in the Array is now dead until that drive doesn’t fail, and if its a windows system file it could kill the whole array forcing the user to reinstall windows etc…
    Now RAID 10, offers both speed and reliability, but as said requires at least 4 drives to do so…

    Bearing in mind my project build a while ago infact has 6 drives running windows 8.1 pro 64bit, raid 10 with 32gb ram.
    lets not forget the system also has Two Quadcore x5492’s at 3.40 making it an eight core system.
    Will try Chivalry late next week on this build/rig. tbc

  • Yeah I get that, and HDD wise I think you’re right. What I’ve learn about SSD’s is that performance from RAID 0 on a SSD is very minimal due how SSD’s aren’t mechanical. I think the best options with SSD’s are instead of buying those 2 extra SSD’s just get ones with better Read/Write speeds and RAID 1 it.

    Though personally I don’t have my gaming SSD’s in raid. They only hold my downloaded games and aren’t a big loss if I lose them.

  • I quickly tested this rig in Chivalry to be quite amazed at its almost instant load time. The fps was at 120 not even moving
    off that number by 1. A more thorough test will be done over weekend. Running Chivalry across a 6 drive raid 10 system
    has been worth it so far. I added the Intel PRO/1000 PT Quad Port Server Adapter, Also increasing the ram to 128gb
    as the ram cage is on the way. This rig could most likely run an awesome Chivalry server when if I set one up.

  • A few piccys of the project pc…

    by next year its planned to be a 128gb ram system plus titan X and just one SSD drive finally. Purely for Chivalry tbh.
    lastly I have a quad intel port with 4 more ethernet inputs.

  • Maybe you should invest a bit in a bigger desk.

    And I have tons of those silver clicky light thingys lol.

  • That is the back room were I photo computers or pc parts to list on ebay tbh. In the other room my desk is double length.
    plus I have 3 or 4 screens running. its easier to build stuff in a spare room imo. As for lights I do have something for that. All those purple bags are full of padded boxes and bubble paper plus all sorts of packaging for when
    I post stuff out. It always pays to keep packaging your computers or parts arrive in as it saves a lot of cash
    when posting stuff out.

  • Talking of techy fun. I am in the process of making a vhdx drive from windows 8.1, very useful feature this.
    Named it Steam and initialised and allocated it the drive letter S. Also very useful to clone to another disk for steam eg
    to use in other computers ( assuming you have many like some hobbyist gamers do ).

  • This weeks project is being built at the weekend.

    Msi Z87 Mpower max Ac Motherboard
    4790 Cpu not the k version to lazy to oc.
    32gb of 1333 ddr3 ram
    1TB evo msata ssd drive for board
    evga 1300 G2 Gold pu

    I have 2 gtx 580’s idling about plus the gtx 960 superclocked thing.
    If I don’t use one of those I might get the gtx980 or just for the toffee
    the Titan X, both are rapidly dropping prices.

    Undecided for case so might stick it in an old mesh pc case as lazy for now.
    Most likely buy a w7 pro cheaply to upgrade to w10 as its cheaper on that route.

    Lastly I have a spare 240gb ssd drive I could use as the image backup and hide it in case.

  • GTX 980Ti is where it’s at. Near Titan X performance for like 66% of the price.

  • Thank you for that, I do like those silver reference things tbh, the sleek looking video cards without all those fans on front
    just don’t appeal to me atm

  • This is all you need and is the future. The nice thing is that because it is SSD, data is easy to destroy unlike standard HDs

    400GB under $400

  • why not have a few ssd’s, one of each in fact plus no horrid cables. m.2 ssd plus the pci/e ssd. next generation I might
    just spoil myself tbh.

  • Can’t boot off a PCI-e SSD with my old motherboard. Next upgrade cycle for sure though.

  • Those new gen PCIe SSDs are so bad ass that many CPU/moboscannot keep up with the read and write speeds. They are still a bit pricey though

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