Unable to unlock weapons,kills don't count.Any user-fix?

  • Finaly I got hands on the game! And it’s even more awesome than I imagined from various videos. Anyway, I know ther’s a problem with unlock weapons. I have a nice one for you: When I kill people, it doesn’t count for unlock the next weapon. after now +60 kills, i still have 65/70 on last javelin. Same goes for last melee. Its like I get one point sometimes sometimes after finishing a map. But its too random than I can figure out what triggers the kill to count. Firt unlock took also way more than 25. I’m a newb allright but I made 25 in maximun three rounds. Also, Server didn’t show up after install, had to download that fix. How are the kills tracked? Maybe I need a new server file for proper validation? I’d like to unlock weapons, figure out what they’re good for and stuff :)

    Other Thing: when you play that map in witch you have to push cart with corpses to poison water and the gates to the next stage (kill the royal family) wont open (its a 50/50 here). Is there any trick to trigger the event while playing? Beta testers, how did you handled that bug? I know there will be a fix for it, but this map is great, and it ends at the gates. Leaving both points and retrigger never worked.

    And huge thanks to dev’s for this great game!

  • As of now the thrown javelins count as a shield. You need to stab people with the javelin to unlock the next weapon. It’s really stupid, I killed at least 50 people with it before discovering the issue.

  • Yeah the javelin is bugged, I hope the devs manages to fix it ASAP!

  • Yep, thats what bugged me: shield as Icon.
    So yeah, basicaly I stabbed my way though and unlocked everything.
    Cons: C’mon guys, U serious? This is a 0-Day bug, just change the attribute and thats it(edit: or is it kind of a bachelor thesis? ). How did this even pass the beta?
    Pros: With so much practice in how to kill with jav-melee: Come at me bro!!! :x :x

    So when you see a guy with that roman Pillum, you know he’s no joke!
    Great game anyway had a lot of fun unlocking this.

  • This was a bit of an amusing fuck-up, actually. During the beta, only thrown javelin kills would progress unlocks. That was fixed in the last patch, but at the same time this issue with thrown javelins being counted as shield kills was introduced, reversing the problem :P

    I expect it’ll be fixed soon. There’s a hotfix coming up, and if the fix doesn’t make it in for that there’ll be a major patch in 2 weeks.

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