Thank you for the game on ps3 and i got question

  • Thank you very much im so glad the game is there but i got some question why it lag so much and it is possible to put Clan tag it could be very great if we can thank you for answering my question

  • Seriously at the beginning the lag was tolerable but it worst and worst you take your time to get out the game but a thing it important to fix i never played a game with that much of lag i pay 15 dollars for lagging that really bad seriouly you need to fix up that and quick becausse it a really nice game but i can said to my friend to buy it because of the lag sorry

  • your getting no support at all. the game will not have an update. you get what u got.

  • And you know this how

  • game has been out for 4 months and no word at all. And they are working on chivalry 2. no patch is coming.

  • yes you can put tag of clan and the lag will get lower soon when next patch of tb they promise all the console

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