Duel Server

  • Simple as that; you can add whatever flashiness or epic duel atmosphere, or you can just make it so people have to press E to duel each other. I don’t know the complications whether or not it can be implemented, but I would love it rather than having to do random modes to practice with a friend. Must have, IMO.

  • I like that Idea and to go further, it could be a place where all players are spawning without weapons/ they dont do damage to each other.
    If 2 guys want to duel they can send requests and if accepted they are getting teleported into a trainingarea.
    Or there are 16 “elevators” (eg. if the duel server has 16 slots) and if each elevator is with another "connected(they only lift up onto the training area if in both is each 1 player)
    just some thoughts :P

  • I’m bumping this. It would be fun dueling with another player without the chance of getting stabbed in the back. It would also be nice to send a request to your friend that sends you to a practice field. you could practice your moves without taking damage to improve skill without dying and running back to your opponent. Maybe you could earn 1 point for each successful hit, and it could be first to 50 points wins, or something like that.

  • Duel mode is already something planned for the future.

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