• Got this on the strength of the reviews for the pc version and while not expecting the same performance im really disappointed.its next to unplayable on ps3 with shocking lag.waste of money!

  • yeah it only starts lagging once a bunch of people start joining the game. It also does need better team balancing. Other than that the game is actually pretty fun if there aren’t that many people

  • Hopefully an update or patch is in the works to sort these problems out!

  • If you have a PC that can run this game there is absolutely no reason to buy it on console. Actually there’s almost no reason to buy this game on console even if you don’t have a PC that can run it.

    This is a great game on PC, and a laggy unfinished heap of garbage on console. Save your money, I wish I did.

  • Last time I buy a game without doing the THROUGH research, dam shame anymore. Instead of makin 50 crappy games invest in 1 and you’d have a best selling game that rake in 10 times as much. Seems like less work to make one good game rather than 50 crappy ones. Why cant these companies figure this out? All worried about DLC and add-ons rather than the CORE of the game. I blame everyone who cries for more DLC, now they all work on DLC packs and costumes and neglect the game itself. At least everyone’s laggin in style :)

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