New To This: I Need Help!

  • So, I have most of the terrain editing stuff down pretty well (I guess)…

    I want to make some things in maps and could use some help.

    -Spinning pillars with attached weapons/spikes/ect that kill players. (maybe with a trigger as well)
    -Water similar to Dark Forest that sweeps players away to their deaths
    -Can I cause catapult stone/Battlegrounds bomb cart launching players effect?
    -TO maps with objectives for both sides that could lead to win/loss simultaneously? Ex: Whoever kills 20 peasants first wins/ Both sides have a cart to push on different paths
    -Forcing class/weapon per map? Tavern has fists only… Can I make slings only? Mauls only?
    -Spawning an invincible NPC with Malric’s skeletal mesh that looks like fire and a maul

  • New map makers are always welcome but beware that it can take like, a lot of hours to be competent in UDK. I think I’ve put 1000 hours in the chiv editor making stuff that’ll never see the light of day. I have one TO map I started for the contest that has been redesigned three times now, going on to four when I get around to implementing the changes I think it needs. Just a few months working on a different map will make you want to redo the whole thing again from scratch. I don’t mean to deter you but know that making a map that you are happy with in a week isn’t going to happen without a lot of practice. But the practice does pay off. The classic duels maps I’ve been making I can turn out in a day now starting with a solid plan.

    On to my solutions to those features:

    1. Hard attach the weapons and spikes to the pillar, Add dynamic physics Volumes closely following the weapons, Set these to damage the player on touch and enter a large damage amount, Hard attach these to the pillar, Make a matinee that spins the pillar, when someone uses the trigger start the matinee and turn on the physics volumes, when the matinee stops turn off the physics volumes. (Don’t know if it uses this method but have a look at Colosseum for an example, just download it off workshop and search your cookedSDK maps folder)
    2. Use a Physics volume, set its velocity in the direction of the water’s flow, set it to damage the players over time (have a look at Darkforest in CookedMaps>AOC>levels>Darkforest)
    3. Dynamic physics volume this time, Set it too apply a velocity into the air though, When the petard goes off, turn on the volume then turn it off after half a second
    4. Sure, just award victory to the team who should win. I’d also keep track of which team is furthest through the objective and set them to win when the time runs out so that whoever pushed the cart the furthest wins if neither team completed the objective. You won’t be able to have the scoreboard description line up with both teams objective, unless you want to say award one point to the team who finished the objective first, then move both teams to the new objective. You’ll need to be extra careful with your level design though to allow both teams to interfere with the other’s objective. I.e. they’ll have to fight in the same area. This idea sounds like it could be fun I might have to steal it, I mean uhhh… help you with it <.< not like I have enough on my plate already >.> (No example maps for this I’m afraid it’s a pretty original idea. Thought about doing both teams have to destroy the others gate before but not having multiple objectives in it)
    5. On player spawn set their weapons to whatever you want, Bots may be immune to this though (have a look at taverns kismet)
    6. Spawn a bot and set its customisation to be Malric and weapons to maul, set its health enormously high, keep setting its health that every second, Add a fire particle affect anywhere in the level and set it to not auto activate, On bot spawn, attach actor it to Malric using relative offset so you don’t have to teleport it first. (for bot spawning and particle effects look at the ghost’s kismet on hillside)

    I could advise you to start with a smallish FFA or a Duel map if you want something easy to start with but I reckon its better to just get in there. Just start making whatever, it might be shit but it really doesn’t matter, you don’t even have to upload it to the workshop if you want to so no one can see your shame ;_;

    But if you really want to finish something, start with a good plan. Draw shit on paper or just think about how exactly and I mean EXACTLY the map will look like and play. If you’re not sure what you’re doing you’ll probably just make a bunch of shit decisions and have to redo it all anyway. The other thing when it comes to map making at least for me; Learning what is good enough. Are people going to notice that tiling on that wall? What about the decal I just put in the middle of the floor there? Does this map have too much decoration or not enough? The answer to these questions for me usually are, No, No and too much. And that also contributes to me doing for more effort then I really need to in a map. Again I don’t mean to deter you, just know what to expect down this road and remember that it really doesn’t matter how many times you have to delete and start over, just that you had fun making it.

  • Hey, I really appreciate your response and descriptive answers! That should help me quite a bit! I am looking into simple FFA maps and POSSIBLY TDM/LTS maps to start out with. Just wanted maybe some fun traps to add to keep it interesting.

    Also, thought of an idea that I am not 100% sure could work for say TO or maybe LTS. Moving ships for a sea battle type scenario with ballistae and/or cannons as well as a meet up and melee part.

    For example: Ships with players on them operating weapons and shooting archer pew pews until one of the ships is destroyed or all players die (for LTS). The TO version could be like one team rides a ship around until it is damaged enough to be forced to land. The objective could be like destroy a wall or some crap idk. Key thing here is the idea of a moving ship that carries players around.

  • moving platforms are possible but inconsistent for gameplay

    i guess if you just wanted a fun map it would be possible, although attaching ballistas and catapults to moving objects doesnt seem to work

    the only workaround i can think of is making them move on their own indendent mantinee

  • @zombojoe:

    moving platforms are possible but inconsistent for gameplay

    i guess if you just wanted a fun map it would be possible, although attaching ballistas and catapults to moving objects doesnt seem to work

    the only workaround i can think of is making them move on their own indendent mantinee

    What about those being stationary and the entire world moving around them? (half joking)

  • I think moving ship battles aren’t such a good idea as most of the team will be bored as they don’t play archer or didn’t get a siege engine. Then there’s the fact that the ingame ship models are pretty poor. They don’t have collision or much interior to speak of so you’d have to make your own ship models. What I would do though is make a map of two ships crashed into eachother, then on TDM game begin or LTS round start; spawn the players below decks and play the ship crashing sound from hillside and do a camera shake. That’ll do the job as far as making it feel like they are in a ship battle. Maybe add some more ships circling in the distance.

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