[WIP] The Molay - Thrusting Dagger Skin

  • Hey Lads,

    just for information, the actual main post moved down at fifth position/ post!

  • I welcome everything that looks historically accurate! :) The dagger is very simple looking, but functional, like a dagger should be.

    Only criticism is that in the extreme close-up of the dagger, the surface of the metal looks very crude. It has probably been used in battle a lot, but I kind of except owners of blades to sharpen and polish them between engagements. Could be a liiittle shinier/have less scratches, but you will never see it that up close anyway so nevermind.

    Looking forward to these other “projects” you have :)

  • Been wanting a shortsword like this. Still, very nice dagger skin. <3

  • Nice dagger a very popular weapon indeed

  • (I deleted the first post accidently - so this is re-up)

    Dear Lads,

    I am Mary’s Revenge and presenting you my first release.

    “The Molay” named after the famous and last Grand Master “Jacques de Molay” of the Knights Templar.
    Creating something more plainly and simply Dagger was my Intention. (No Fantasy!)

    Let’s see how the peasantry of archers try to fight like a man.

    This is my first Thread on any Forums around Chivalry so the progress is pretty far on that Dagger.
    Right now i‘am on many Projects for Chivalry but for every single Asset i will make a Work in Progress Thread so you Guys know about my Work.

    Newest Update:
    18.02.2015; 10pm: Release of The Molay on Steam Workshop, waiting to verify!!
    20.02.2015; Official release of “The Molay” on Steam Workshop, u can find it here:

    I hope you like my work and feel free to leave a comment.

    Yours Sincerely,


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