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  • Just a thought, we need to set a new one up at some point to help with organising clan matches. Closer to the time most likely, although it could also be usefull to spec out how many clans we’ve got readying up for the switch.

    My suggestion is to use the old style, Main leader and another representitive from each clan in the group to prevent it getting too clutered.

  • Hehe that’d work for now.
    I’m sure we’ll have something to help you guys at some point in the future ;)

  • We must do what we failed to do for aoc. Have a successful league.

  • Hopefully the bigger fanbase will help in that department?

    What was the flaw of the league? surely it was that there was probably only ever 4 or 5 clans with enough members and none of them could begin to match vq?

  • Honestly I think a big obstacle to the previous leagues was primarily the way it was handled. Too much work put on one person. Each time a person would step up to be the league coordinator they would get gung ho, get everything set up, then never update anything.

    What we need is a league website where everything is as automated as possible. Where after a match one person from the winning or losing team can go to a page and report the match without opening up and editing the html of the website itself each time.

    Seemed to me that’s where it failed. Too much responsibility put on too few shoulders and then those people giving up because it’s a gigantic, overwhelming task.

  • I think a solution for the teams not showing up in matches etc (saying they want to participate in the torunament, then never ever showing up again) would be if there was a prize for tournament winners, maybe a visual unlock, a different name color in the leaderboard, etc…

    A nice unique visual prize for the winners, and maybe minor ones for other participants (If you think about it, even a minor thing like a small tag, title, different name or whatever just for participating and reaching a certain round, would be a small extra motivation for some players)

    The problem is, it would require work, and I feel gB´s suggestion is the most cost/effective way of making the torunament work.

  • Indeed. If we can get official sponsorship by Torn Banner then we may be able to start putting up actual prizes. Not onyl that but as we’ll be moving onto a comercial game, the chances of external sponsership are appearing. If the game gets big enough then we may be privalidged enough to have a Razor tournament hosted, or perhaps from one of the other gaming production companies. I think this is where we need to aim our efforts in the long run. Short term I think we need a solid leading body for the League, a council of sorts, who will work as a team to arrange the website, matches e.t.c.

  • i’d be more than happy to help, just add me to steam and give me a shout

  • I’ll sure lend a hand too, if we do decide to make something of this.

  • Sounds awesome. This time though can we make a fair league. I get flash backs from that one terrible league that decided it would be good if Vq. lost points when we won games and lost points when we lost games. So we ended up being 3rd in the league with 4 wins no losses and the team who was first had 2 wins 2 draws.

    Lets go with Premiership league rules. So lets have the top three teams from each category (Europe/America/aus etc) go into a knockout tournament for a trophy. Then team lowest in the league (depending on the number of teams in the league) gets dropped from the league for the next season.

  • Developer

    Instead of dropping clans out of the league if they perform poorly, why not setup an A division and B division after some prominent clans have gained some attention. So that way new clans can start in B division without having to worry about getting annihilated by A division clans constantly.

  • Sounds like a much better idea tibbs, if the game gets off to a flying success we can then obivously open up yet more leagues. Perhaps start with Continental Leagues for those that have significant interest, so mostly US and EU league. With perhaps a Worldwide League for the bet of the best, of course hoping that the much better lag compensation in the Unreal Engine can handle this.

  • Yeah sorry guys I should have clarified what I meant but yeah thats what i as driving at, having multiple leagues. Would presume that pretty much everyone would start in the first division see how that pans out. Then if it is clear that some teams are at a server skill disadvantage start up a second league and move those teams into it. Then at the end of a season the top 3 teams from each division would compete in a tournament.

  • Sounds good, perhaps rather than just saying, oh you don’t meet our high standards your in league B. We should have a required ration of wins to stay in league A. Say you must win 40% of fights to be in league A, this can be calculated over time and teams can easily move in and out of leagues depending on how they do.

  • I remember when CAL was around for CounterStrike and what not. Are you guys suggesting something along the lines of that?

  • that would probably work best tibbs, since there was A, O, and one other i can’t seem to remember

    A being the best, O being open to anyone

  • Honestly everyones getting ahead of themselves. Lets get one working league with actual teams set up first before we start deciding how many more leagues/divisions we should have! haha

    But I do agree with the point being made. This thing needs to be ironed out.

    I love the responses and support!

  • Well Dies-World is in! We are glad to hear that we wont have to orginize this alone, like we do most racing, fps, and mmo games. I’ll be taking lead as the DWM (Dies World Mercenaries) rep. being that I am the senior most member. So, I’ll be watching the forums. I hope this all works out!

    As for the league divisions, that is a really smart idea. Alot of the less active groups should fall into that category, as well as any one under a 35% success rate. I do think that, to be able to get out of division B you should raise the requirement to a 65% success rate in group B. This would stabilize the switching and keep you away from constant changing. Granted, this would only work if you have more then, lets say, five clans.

  • The “A and B division” idea sounds good, so does the “A and O” from Vox. An official league would be very nice, but I think for the “lower divisions such as the B divison” should be made more, a B-American, B-Europe and B-Asian/Russian division (or even more), to prevent complaining and flaming about the ping and ragequiting the league or whatever the names will be.

    A suggestion of mine: Existing clans will get automaticely in the best division (A for instance) and only the new clans have to fight their way through because there will be a lot of new foundations which will fail badly.

    Also, the Immortal Kings will be in!

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