Dark map / Lighting problem

  • Hey Modder!

    I have a (huge?) problem with my map, if I cook it and start it as dedicated server, its entirely BLACK, even the static meshes, which should use default materials (it is NOT black in the editor and in the editor playmode thing/testmap).

    I believe I have the needed lightsources lightmassvolume, dominantdirectional light and point light (copied from moor).

    I am really desperate atm because I am a fairly beginner and have 0 clue why all is blacked out :(

    Please, I beg you, examine my map there… I wanted to release the first version today :(

    Link to the workshop map:

    Appreciate every help!

    What I tried:

    Landscape CTRL + X, CTRL + V = nope
    Copying light and so on = nope
    Environmental settings = nope

  • See if the map looks fine when you open it up in Chivalry, but with Dynamic Lights (video settings) turned ON. If that changes anything, place down a SkyLight actor in your map.

    Link isn’t working btw.

  • go into world settings and make sure your environment color isnt black

    same with the sun color

  • I’ve just been setting a skylight as my light source. I am new too, though. I don’t know how to do most anything yet.

  • This problem sometimes happens on xbox where you enter a game and everything except the players is black… Annoying but not much you can do about it :(

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