[WIP] The Galaxe - Hatchet

  • Dear Lads,

    I am right now on my next Project for Chivalry. The existing Hatchet seems to me like a woodcutter ax so i wanted to make a Hatchet in a more military and a bit nordish accent.

    Thanks goes to Sir Galahad the pure who gave me inspiration to create and design this ax!

    Estimate the right size and shape for the handle.

    Shape the top of the handle in a eliptical geometry to give the hatchet a more solid body.

    Add an square shape for the blade and estimate the right sizes.

    I shaped the ax along the ground plan.

    Shaped the whole blade. Basic shape of the ax is done!



    Working currently on the grip of the hatchet. Added some leather strips to make the thing look a lot more craftable.

    Finished the detail modelling too. Added some more Strips and Leather to make sure the ax has a solid look. I am pretty satisfied with the result right now.
    Next Step would be making the UV texture mapping.

    Finished and prepared the UV mapping to apply textures to the hatchet.

    Added Iron Texture as surface for the blade.

    Working at the handle, added wood texture.

    I will update this Thread over the next week.

    Please let me know if you like my work and leave a comment.

    PS: To everyone and as information, my first threat “[WIP] The Molay - Thrusting Dagger” is currently in work, because of update issues.

    Thank you a lot,


  • The handle looks too thick imo, the ax could also be just a tad larger. Cleaner texture on the sharpened part - sharpening tends to result in a more polished look.

    Lookin’ good otherwise.

  • Ah yes another very popular weapon, lookin good

  • Hey, that’s Ragnar’s axe :P

    Personally I think the length would be better suited for a dane axe reskin, but I could see it working for a hatchet. Looks neat, can’t wait to see the finished texture.

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