No Servers Still Still and Still

  • I have done the Steam suggestion. The two things I could download are either broken or unreadable. Don’t tell me to restart steam cause I have like 10 times. I BOUGHT this. I am not a programmer. I expect something I buy to work. Please help me fix this or I want my money back.

  • You aren’t supposed to read the file you downloaded - you place it in the folder specified in the thread.

    Have you also tried enabling beta participation, or disabling your firewall?

  • There is no file to download is what I am saying, Im not reading it my computer cant. Also yes I have done both of those things. Why cant the developers just make a patch which involves putting the file in automatically instead of this chaotic manual stuff that not everyone knows how to do.

  • Developer

    The problem is that this is actually a Steam issue. And steam has resolved it, but hasn’t rolled out the fix yet. So we’re trying to find a manual way to fix that issue as well. This is effecting all Steamworks titles.

  • By issue are you referring to the entire server list error or is this in reference to something else? Either way, thank you for the update. Any ETA on Steam releasing that fix?

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