Fire and Flakes Furious Fist of Fate 2v2 Tournament

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    Take a break from all the serious competitive play and enjoy some casual fisting with your friends!

    sorry guys and gals
    We will steam message you all if it’s put back on.
    *********UPDATE ******* 6am 2/25/2015
    **New Limit Set to 32 teams!
    We have had a lot of people wanting to sign up. So the team sign up has been increased from 20 to 32! If we don’t get that much no worries it will all work out! More fisters the more fun I always say!!! Ok I am starting to creep myself out with these jokes……

    Face off in an epic 2v2 against family and friends here’s the best part, only fists!

    So depending on how many teams we get to actually sign up will determine how we handle the bracket.
    UPDATE New limit set to 32 teams!

    Grab your best buddy and be ready to duke it out till the end.

    Matches will go as follows.
    Last team standing - best out of five rounds. Possibly round robin then to single elimination, but if we don’t get enough teams it will fall to double elimination round set up.

    This will take place all on mercs mod! Don’t you worry Omega!

    The Tournament will be held March 21st 2015 on a Saturday and possibly march 22nd. It all depends on how many teams we get to sign up! Sign ups end March 14th 2015 11:59pm

    Majority of the rules are copied from fight clubs and height previous tournament set ups

    **Sign Up: Basic Sign ups! Post your yourself and your partner below with both your steam accounts, feel free to post one extra as a sub . No alts please! Include your team name and your preferred server location

    Prize: Besides being known as the best god damn fisters around town, there will also be a 50$ grand prize complementary of me and flakes!!! Aren’t we cool cats! Not asking for money of any kind! 100% free to sign up :D. Second place winners will receive 20$ and third will receive 10$. (all split two ways) Or whoever holds the pants in your strange fisting relationships…… 50 shades of clay i’m looking at you.

    Region:**** NA (North America)****************
    Friendly Fire:**** 100%****************
    Third Person:**** Disabled****************
    Modifications:**** Mercs Mod****************
    Class Balance:**** Only Knights********************
    Projectiles:**** No projectiles************Weapon Permissions: ONLY FISTS!
    Winning Conditions:
    **Win best three out of five rounds in an LTS match

    **Scheduling, Attendance and Score Reporting

    Spectators: ******Spectators are not allowed. The only people allowed in the server during a match are the players, refs, and streamers. This won’t disqualify a team, we want to try to keep things organized. We would prefer that no one is in the server other than the people mentioned above.

    Now if we get as much matches as we think we will we seriously doubt their will be a lot of room to stream every game, so don’t be surprised if we only set up streams for the semi finals, finals and third place winners.

    Referees: ******To Be Decided. However if you want to be a referee just ask in the thread. Referees will not be allowed to referee their own matches. Decisions by The Council of Absurdity will be final. However if you believe another referee made an incorrect call, come to the cohost in charge of your match (will be found on the schedule) and it will be worked out. A referee must take a screenshot of the final score between the two teams and either give it to either the cohost in charge of that match or post it in the tournament thread on the TBS forums with the score and participating teams.

    In-match Rules: ******Execute good sportsmanship. No trash-talking, trolling, whining, or complaining. Basically don’t be a jerk. You will get one warning. If you do any of these things again you will be banned from the server. If one players are ejected and the other player cannot find a substitute after a five minute grace period that team automatically forfeits the match. In the event of a disconnect or lag spike, if the team can’t sort it out within their remaining pause time and they have no substitute, the match will result in the forfeiture of that team.

    Disqualification (DQ): ******If your team does not show up within the 5 minute grace period after the match is scheduled, the rest of the time waited will be subtracted from the team’s pause time.

    NO MELEE WEAPONS OF ANY KIND OTHER THAN FISTS, this should be obvious. If at any point a player uses a weapon other than fists their team will be dq’d from the tournament.

    The seeding/group selection will be randomized.

    Server Info


    • The admin password for each server will be changed and given to the ref for the duration of the match.

    • Server location will be decided by the preferred location set during registration, and the number of players from each region

    • Each server will have to have all settings specified by the rules in place.

    • A team may, at any point before or between matches, opt to change to a tournament provided server or, if also agreed upon by the other team, another server that satisfies all the conditions above. A 5 minute transition grace period is allowed for the server switch.

    • A referee must verify that all game settings for that server are in keeping with the tournament’s game settings.

    • All matches will be played on the server assigned by the schedule unless the teams agree to use another server that meets all the server conditions. The server will then have to be investigated by a ref/cohost and have the ref/cohost given the admin password.

    ********************************************************************************Roster & Roster Time Limit: Sign ups are open up to March 14th 11:59PM EST.Also the rosters are locked on the day before the tournament, not at the sign-up deadline. The day before the tournament and forward no teams are allowed to change their rosters. If you’re found to break this rule, please revert back to the old roster/team, or you will be DQ’d. The match will be played with two players. Each team will be allowed a single mercenary (a substitute not already on any rosters) per match in-case your partner is now able to play. You may put up to 3 players on your roster (one sub). Substitutes are not allowed to play for any other team nor are they allowed to make their own team. In order to sub a new player in, post the substitution in chat. If you feel it necessary, please call for a pause from the ref to ensure the substitution goes smoothly.

    Connection Issues**********

    • If a team suffers connection issues they will be allowed to use pause time (see Section 9: Timeouts) to sort the problem out.
    • If a player has a ping above 105 before the match begins, then the map will be changed to the map that will be played on and the teams will be asked to go to the middle and fight the other team, focusing on the player with a ping of 105 or greater. If the team agrees that it is playable, then that player can play so long as their ping doesn’t consistently spike or the refs notice multiple desyncs and instances of lag. The other team can, at any time, ask the team with the high-ping player to find a substitute for any reason. If this occurs, then there will be a 5 minute grace period for the team with the high-ping player to find a substitute. Any additional pause time will be subtracted from the team looking for the substitute.
    • If a person(s) has a lag spike or desync, that player will be issued a warning. After two warnings, the third violation will result in that player being ejected from the game.


    **Class Balance

    No maa allowed (We don’t want to see a use of dodging in these match ups. We want to hear strictly papa sound effects. (knights only)

    Map Selection
    All maps will be pre-decided along with side (Agatha and mason). More than likely it will mostly take place on maps that guarantee stable framerate for all players. If a player experiences bad framrate he can request for a map switch.


    • Any individual caught hacking/cheating (this includes ghosting) will be expelled from the tournament.

    • Any individual caught exploiting will be either penalized or warned based on their actions.

    Contact Fire or flakes for any questions!

    Thanks to height and Fight club for helping us with the set up!

  • @Karasu:

    Team Karrot:



  • Team MrListertheSisterFister:


  • Team “Don’t force it”
    Flakes -
    Fire - ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************

    Here to make sure we don’t give yall bitches no money

    ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************preferred server Chicago

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  • Done and done.

    Team Maulfist
    Simon Exile

  • @FireGiant:


    Dammit Fire I just saw 2v2 fists and posted

  • I have been waiting for this. Gotta show these ladies how to really fist.

    Team: We Prefer Fingering

    Waterboy -
    Sensay -

  • Best tourney of 2015 right here.
    As always I’m available to stream and cast the whole thing if you guys will have me. (msg me on steam)

  • [h=2]✞Team Fist of Jesus ✞[/h]Priest Sean of Fist Jesus -
    Priest Flounder of Fist Jesus -

    [h=2]✞Amen✞ ✞Jesus Be With You✞ ✞Hail Fist Jesus✞[/h]

  • Team Name: Chrisper

    Lg | chrisomatic - Steam Profile
    Lg | Whisper - Steam Profile

    Preferred Server Location: US East | US Central

  • Team Name: Handy Men
    Spook -

    Preferred server location: Chicago

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