How to put a mod on my server through nfo

  • First I tried putting it into cookedsdk which didn’t work and then through pcserver. Neither worked. Does anyone with an neo server know how to do this? I also recall getting duelyard on here required a different method as well, so I’m not surprised just putting modname at the end of the command line didn’t do it.

  • put the mod .cmwsdk file into _cmwsdk in your cookedsdk folder on the server and add ?modname=whatever behind the map in the commandline

  • ya thats the part i forgot. put the rest of the stuff in the right place but forgot to pull the big part from the _cmwsdk section. works just fine now tho :D

  • where to find cookedsdk folder on the server? Not finding cookedsdk in the file manager.

  • /UDKGame/CookedSDK , if you dont have the folder make it. Also should have /UDKGame/CookedSDK/__CMWSDKFiles

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