Server locking up during map change and secondary shader issues.

  • _Posting on behalf of mr retsnom…
    I wanted to report a continued bug issue and problem when running custom maps on servers. But this seems to have increased since the last set of patches. I have ran the |Kila| Thunderdome server since release from NFO servers and was one of the first to host custom maps and continue to do so with varying degree of success without the server crashing and locking up.

    So again, maps are not rotating out and the server locks up. In some cases the change will just sit and spin. This can happen when joining a server as well, as reported by Clay here:

    If you are lucky enough to actually join a locked up server, sometimes you can spectate other times it is frozen and the game never starts. Thus the server is locked up. From an Admin, you cannot login, cannot change maps or anything. The only recourse is to restart the server and remove the offending map. The problem is that it can be any map that has been corrupted. Other times the server will not restart and the only option is to wipe the server and start again. I have done this almost 2x to 3x a week for the last month-ish.

    Sometimes the server will crash and with NFO they have a repair script that they run and here is the report.

    Our repair script ran on your server and gave the following output:

    Processing kila:
    Refreshing hardlinks:
    Engine/Shaders/WorkingDirectory/UDK/1104/0 was missing or corrupted and was replaced.
    Engine/Shaders/WorkingDirectory/UDK/2416/0 was missing or corrupted and was replaced.
    Engine/Shaders/WorkingDirectory/UDK/2560/0 was missing or corrupted and was replaced.
    Engine/Shaders/WorkingDirectory/UDK/3064/0 was missing or corrupted and was replaced.
    Engine/Shaders/WorkingDirectory/UDK/3064/1/WorkerLog.txt was missing or corrupted and was replaced.
    Engine/Shaders/WorkingDirectory/UDK/3064/2/WorkerLog.txt was missing or corrupted and was replaced.
    Engine/Shaders/WorkingDirectory/UDK/3064/3/WorkerLog.txt was missing or corrupted and was replaced.
    Engine/Shaders/WorkingDirectory/UDK/5616/1/WorkerLog.txt was missing or corrupted and was replaced.
    Engine/Shaders/WorkingDirectory/UDK/5616/2/WorkerLog.txt was missing or corrupted and was replaced.
    Engine/Shaders/WorkingDirectory/UDK/5616/3/WorkerLog.txt was missing or corrupted and was replaced.
    Engine/Shaders/WorkingDirectory/UDK/7992/0 was missing or corrupted and was replaced.

    This has been a persistent issue and is rarely a problem when just running the vanilla/default game and map list. So what ever you guys did in the last patch updates (console additions/Unix?) has screwed up the servers again.

  • Ok my server is locking up way too often to be acceptable. It will lock up right at the end of a map and will not rotate out. Players will see the map change screen but it just spins. I have to use the task Manager and close CHIV, restart it and hop back in the server. At this point it is stuck on the last map, and most of the time I can log in as ADMIN and change the map. Sometimes I have to restart the server. Once a map fails to rotate out, it will continue to not rotate out. The thing is that it is never the same map. This even happens to default maps. I have been trying to trouble shoot and keep a record of maps that are failing to rotate out but it seems that the server locks up about every 16 maps or so instead of any certain maps.

    So any ideas as to why this is and keeps happening with custom maps in rotation?

  • last known DMP file from the server.

  • Still no acknowledgement to this issue? I know I am not alone in having my server randomly lock up and not map change when running custom maps….

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