New Mercs Mod Server

  • In light of all competitive play now being held on mercs mod, I am going to rent out a server to be an official mercs mod TO. I still enjoy public matches, and I want to avoid live. I think this will give players a place to go that don’t want to have to constantly switch back between live and public TO’s.

    Also, I was hoping that we could also change all classic duel servers into mercs mod as well.

    For the server, I am crossed if I should activate the following or not.
    Help me out forums!

    (The server will be 24 person)
    Third person - (I want this off) but i’m worried it might limit the players who might want to come on the server.
    50 percent rule for classes- I hate in public games when the entire team goes vanguard or knights and roffle stomps. I was thinking of adding a class limit.
    Archer limit - 3 or 4. I am leaning towards 3.
    Custom maps- ye or ne?

    I am also looking for admins, people who might want to play (fill up the server) and also manage bullshit kicks and what not. Also admins who won’t abuse their power.

    I will most likely set in place rules, but I’ll worry about that when I decide who to give admin to.

    The server will be named (Official Mercs Mod TO #1- EAST)

    If anyone is interested in maybe making west servers that would be awesome too!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Archer limit 1, 3rd on, no custom maps

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