Editor Error since update when loading map

  • Hi,
    since the update I get ‘IntProperty AOC.AOCPawn:HitInfo.HitCombo in Sandcastle’ when loading the map in the editor.

    Any ideas what is exactly missing?

  • Developer

    That property no longer exists. I assume your custom scripts are referencing it? (This is the same property that GiantSlayers is referencing and is breaking because of right now.) The scripts will need to be updated to match the newest version of the game and recompiled.

    Your Kismet could also be referencing that variable, though I don’t know why.

  • Doesn’t seem like my custom scripts are referencing it. But the horde map is based on SquireRamsalot’s HordeTown which spawns GiantSlayers-bots.

    I just spawned them for testing and they still seem to work.
    Since the GiantSlayersFamilyInfo is part of the game, the issue will be resolved with the next update?

    Thanks for the info!

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