Side note on this game

  • By the way I think it is interesting, that since upgrading my laptop to what is a strong gaming laptop…

    This game is x10 better. It was always fun before but with a good graphics card (always had a fine processor) the difference is night and day.

    Now I find from a client perspective I can go into first person and read drags, read feints (on slow weapons), and parry fine.

    Not to say I do it well all the time as I am lazy and easily distracted, but the opportunity is there and I can see how easily some serious gamer (aka no job student) can do exceptionally well.

    What I find most refreshing is I have no fear of high ranks anymore and not so hard to take care of them in a TO game. The only downside in all this is how much archers make the game so much less fun. it is not to bad on a 32p server but on a 24p server where archers make up a 1/3 of the team, they hit like a sledgehammer (and then more often than not it is a rank 50 douche with a super fast riposte weapon) and 50% kill you with one hit in melee.

    I do wish TBS actually played the game, sure I was pro archer (well mostly javelin) a while ago, but to truly balance ranged versus melee you either need to increase the damage versus archers (to make it more tempting to go for another archer - which is its own meta) or reduce the damage against melee.

    And yes true flinch may have been removed for archer hits but regardless archer strikes screw you royally as you are in the middle of melee having a great duel when oh look an arrow hit you and cancelled your attack (or something).

  • Arrows still ocasionally seem to flinch, they still remove your sprint state often causing your attack to go out of range and most annoyingly they still pack a powerful aimpunch.

  • javelins still flinch

  • aimpunch ftw.

  • yeah well the developers are quite possibly the worst communicaters every know to man in the gaming industry. Steve made his money I guess and doesnt want to be held responsible to the people who actually paid him money. Personally I have spent around $250 on this but I guess he just pockets it and says yeah fuck off losers.

    Fix archers or retire.

  • I never had a problem with this game but my 780Ti didn’t hurt.
    What laptop did you get?

  • It’s a faptop 720 with desktop girls installed from factory.

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