Half my screen is black on load in

  • Just bought the game through Steam.

    The bottom half of my screen is black, dead monitor space from the moment the game begins to load. I can get in, create a game, but of course I see only the bottom 50% of what should be on my screen. I can find nothing helpful online hence my post here.

    I play EQ2, LFD2, Mount and Blade, CoD:MW3 and countless other games which do not have this issue and have never required me to do anything to fix their displays.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Please attach a DxDiag report. You can do this hitting the Windows key + R, typing in DxDiag, and when it has finished collating the information, click on ‘Save all information’ at the bottom. Attach that file here.

  • Please see attached:

  • According to that, your drivers are three years old, which should be the cause if that’s the case.

    Here is a link to some updated drivers: http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/w … sta32.aspx

    Please verify they are for your system before proceeding with the download (Win Vista 32 bit, Radeon HD 3400 Series).

  • I will do that. It’s a 64-bit system, but I found the appropriate drivers. Installing now, will update.

  • New drivers did it. Thanks for the prompt and effective service Martin!

  • No problem, I’ll lock this topic now.

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