Found this setting in UDKEngine.ini, is it redundant?

  • Does this setting do anything? Or is it redundant:


    Inside /My Games/Chivalry Medi…/Config/UDKEngine.ini, under [Engine.Engine].

    I notice it is higher than the default server tick rate, but for some of the 128 tick servers the value is much lower. Will this cause frames to be dropped?

  • -copied from some forum-

    (beware this, IF you havent done anything to the value UT3 engine makes its own optimized default values, cause my installed game had it at 200) you can pretty much alter it as u like, more= more cpu load but smoother gaming, less= lesser load, but a bit ruggish gameplay, FIND the optimized values to your gaming rig ​

    According to that I assume it can potentially increase your performance, especially on servers that already use a higher tickrate.

  • im gonna give it a try cuz why not

  • Tried increasing it to 256 and ghosts occured a lot. I’ll try some other values as well.

  • @Xylvion:

    Tried increasing it to 256 and ghosts occured a lot. I’ll try some other values as well.

    I got a lot of this when trying… 1024.
    Thanks to TheMightyKnight for (unknowingly) helping me test.

    For a moment I thought we had found the magical setting that would fix everything. I’m sad now.

  • Perhaps it’d be optimal to change it depending on the server. For example to 60 for officials and 128 for 128 tick servers.

  • This is interesting, I’d like to see 128 tick on 128 tick servers as well.

  • I’ve tried with 130 today, the animations are smooth at first, but after like 1 hour or so everything becomes rather choppy. Would be neat if Rick made another video but with lower, say 30 or so.

  • I played around with this setting a long time ago. I gave up on it after it made my experience less fluid. I’ve played around with other related settings as well, but they caused my ping to spike.

  • I’ve had it at 128 since I posted this, and I notice that it actually makes a difference in my gameplay on low ping servers. When ping is high however, it makes the gameplay worse than before (i.e. for me, Chicago duelyards).

    I’m going to try to mess around and hopefully record some videos for intervals of 10 above 80.

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