Mp3's on a Chivalry Server

  • Hey guys.

    I’ve some question. About 7 years ago I hosted a AoC-Mod Server (good old times), mainly playing the Helms Deep map.

    I installed Lotr music on there to create some special atmosphere while playing. The server was one of the most popular ones back then.

    So I was thinking about hosting a server again for C:MW

    Can I also install mp3’s on a Chivalry:Medieval Warfare Server?
    I recognized that there also is no mic support but anyway I hope it’s possible. Would be awesome!

    Would be nice if anyone could help!


  • Unfortunately this isn’t really possible.

  • I know there’s a map with a wrestling ring and 4 dueling circles i guess and it plays different music depending on which one you walk into. Not sure how this was done though.

  • My MLG Duels map has dank music on it.

    Unfortunately there is no way to add music to servers, only to specific maps.

  • Developer

    Message of the day just links to a web page, has anyone tried that?

  • Fastest way would be creating a custom map and you’d have to be careful not to bombard possible players with 100MB’s of glorious LotR music playlists.

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