[BETA] Whitenest

    • Map by: Corsario & Hennio
    • Music by: U.F.O.


    We bring you back Whitenest, the barbarian stronghold. After gathering some time, this map has been remastered and adapted to the feedback we received from the official contest and from the scarce, but brave admins that still host custom maps.

    This scenario depicts a battle where Agatha is laying siege to a barbarian coastal fortress, whose defence is conducted by a tribal warlord called Grunnlof, that owes loyalty to the Mason cause.

    **Objective description:

    1. push the siege towers & lower the drawbridge (Optional: Occupy hamlet to capture forward spawn)
    2. push the battering ram & destroy the gate
    3. clean the village from filthy barbarians
    4. kill the Barbarian Warlord and put an end to his rule over Whitenest

    Main changes:


    • rebuilt and made wider walls (more organic meshes)
    • rebuilt castle (and its interior)
    • new wall and castle textures (plaster & stones)
    • built hamlet outside stronghold with “raise the flag” or KoTH objective to enable forward spawn
    • improved courtyard layout (added blacksmith)
    • smoother siege tower collision
    • changed landscape materials
    • changed skybox
    • changed lighting & shadows
    • removed controversial ambient sountrack
    • adapted huds to new system (+ made blinking huds on crank capture)
    • added props & other details


  • wow massive improvement, cant wait to play it

    my complaints for the old version was the walls were so thin you couldnt move around at all and the lighting was too intense

  • This looks awesome compared to old Whitenest

  • yeah i especially like the new look for the castle, far more organic than before

  • Glad you guys keep improving the map. I love the new wall and castle meshes.

    Although the color palette is different, the overall lighting/postprocess is very similar to Belmez. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it wouldn’t hurt to make it stand out a little more and maybe tweak the darker colors a bit to get more contrast. But then again, this is personal preference.

    From the screenshots I can also tell that the cliff next to the fort is a little lackluster compared to the rest of the environment, but since this is a beta release, I’m sure you’re gonna polish the surroundings a bit more later on.

    All in all, great work! Gonna check it out in game in a bit.

  • We are really grateful for the compliments. Its very encouraging for us and helps us develop the map we had left in the drawer while focusing on Belmez during the contest.

    As for the suggestions you made, Elwebbaro, you are right. The lighting/postpro can be improved a little more to obtain the contrast you mentioned and the cliff needs more enhancement in terms of detail. I was a bit reluctant to use more static meshes in that area, for the map is a bit packed now and it might affect performance, but after some try outs I think its ok to add more detail.

    Ill keep you updated with the new improvements we make.

  • This is looking much better overall, and it’s great to see this map polished up as I’ve always had a good time playing it. Keep up the good work!

  • looks really nice, i aswell love those new castle walls

    i think the background could look much better though

  • Developer

    Agreed, map’s looking awesome. Love the mix of narrow walled spaces and tight close combat areas. Keeps those darned archers out :p

  • Here are some screenshots from today’s update. We added more detail, specially to the background & hill and tweaked the lighting a bit.

  • Love the way the cliff looks now. Great job!

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