"Z+5" On New Maps And Uptades

  • Hi there, lads.
    Some ppl may know me already form the game, but its not a point.

    I had about 4 months year break in playing chivalry (MW). Now i came back, and got frustrated.
    There are still no voice commands “Go to the Objective” [Z+5] on maps added in Fortification Maps Contest and in that… barbarians expansion [Outpost and this second snowy one]. I’m asking why. Voice commands are a thing that makes Chivalry unique. I think its wierd. Please, add them if you can, TB. (Also, there are some other things to change in map added in Contest, like horn sound after completing an obj.) Srsly, fix it and make your game more refined.

    Second problem is, when I was in launcher I saw that the newest update was done in 30/10/14. This game had no changes in this 4 months?

  • It updated a few days ago lol.

    Apparently adding in new voices will increase ram usage so much it’ll crash the game.

    Which is complete bullshit in regard to adding in new Z5 voice commands.

  • So Torn Banner can’t be bothered to find a proper fix for this and instead regard it as “impossible”.

  • @Rekrab:

    So Torn Banner can’t be bothered to find a proper fix for this and instead regard it as “impossible”.

    I suspect they can’t get a hold of all their voice actors. Been 2 years since they last used them. But using the ram excuse is silly. Recorded lines that “replace” other lines meaning it’s the same amount of lines being loaded each map.

  • Oh, Crabby, you’re here!
    I understeand it well?
    Adding sounds that are used already on other maps will crash the game?
    I dont think so. [By “sounds” i also mean that lack of horn sound, not voices only]

    Updates… if it has been updated few days ago why in launcher last news is:
    “• Saga of the Crypt! – Chivalry Halloween Patch – 30/10/14 - Fight your way in this brand new Halloween Themed Horde map!”
    Making proper change in launcher is also too hard? Oh, c’mon.

    I know these things are small details, but it really makes me sad if small things werent changed since 4 months.

  • @lemonater47:

    I suspect they can’t get a hold of all their voice actors. Been 2 years since they last used them. But using the ram excuse is silly. Recorded lines that “replace” other lines meaning it’s the same amount of lines being loaded each map.

    It’s hilarious because the Horde-Crypts update (Halloween 2014 I think?? A few months ago) featured some new voices and guttural sounds for the enemies.

    Why not just admit you are focused on the next Big Thing and you just don’t think recording new stuff is worth it? Nothing wrong with that at this point, just don’t say you can’t add voices for technical reasons, because you did it recently without noticeable performance differences…

    It may seem ridiculous, but voices are one of the biggest attractions of this game because they generate so much teamwork and fun all the time… It’s not OK to abandon one of the things that made you sell 2.500.000 copies, in my opinion.

  • I remember first playing this and recommending to it people, one of the major Pro’s for it was the voices and sound effects.
    The game wouldn’t even be half as good without them.

    Also technical reasons is stupid, the sound effects are loaded and decompressed on the fly, with certain length sounds (changeable in .ini) decompressed and stored in memory. Roughly sounds 2seconds or less in length. So yeah, more voices won’t change much at all.
    That is for the PC version anyway, not sure about the Console port.

  • It’s one of many reasons I worry about the next project… If they can’t be assed adding in new voices in this game, how much effort are they really gonna throw at their next game?

  • They do a next game… ? What else do i dont know?

    I would like to summarize some things down below:

    I have more then 500 hours played in this game, and in DLC, Dedliest Warrior. I had one big break, since when Fortification Map Contest (FMC) has started to it ended. I played then for a month, and stopped for 4 months, assuming they will finnaly add lacking details (THIS Z+5 VOICE COMMANDS ON BARBARIANS MAPS and everything other i have described in this thread). I came back and saw a terrible thing - NOTHING of this was fixed. Dearest, Well-Doing-Till-The-Time-They-Have-Stopped-Doing-Well Torn Banner, why?

    You were trying (and you try now), IMO, to act like a big, fat corpo with offering great prizes in Contests (Maps and Weapons), when you were NOT big, fat corpo which does a lot of very popular games (Chivalry is your ONLY, average-popular game). Ignoring update adding maps from contest, last big update was a one with Citadel. Barbarians doesn’t count because of they are not fully… done, polished, due to lack of Z+5 VOICE COMMANDS. If you can’t do SUCH A SMALL THINGS, like lumping horn sounds after compleating an obj, or new voice commands, what will be with this game. Can’t do small things often = can’t do big things. No big things = no big updates, and no big updates = game stop with its development. If game has stopped development, it will slowly DIE. We dont want Chivalry to die.

    Yes, i know it is dark scenario, but srsly. I remember when i was playing earlier… Ah, what were happening in this game! Citadel update, DLC, customization, duel mode. My best time!
    And then Barbarians came (I will name Barbarians expansion as A Dark Crystal later, due it was first update added no-voice-commands maps). I saw no “Z+5” commands. I thought “aw, they will fix it later”. You, Torn Banner, didnt! I was still playing, and i became acustomed with it. Now I understand: I have accepted first failure.

    Adding lacking sounds simply CAN’T make FMC maps unstable, or with loose too many performance (but adding them in Dark Crystal’s ones can, maybe - i heard some ppl have crashes in them, dont know why), because FMC maps has not any “Great-Cool-Never-Seen-Before stuff” (they have nothing that basic maps dont have, at all).
    So, not adding lacking sounds cant be technical.

    You cannot reach voice actors, Torn Banner? Proffesional studio will never have such problem. If you act like proffesional studio, please, i beg you, BE a proffesional studio.

    Or maybe you are just too lazy? Or, what can be worse, you, Torn Banner, have not enough money to work on it. Or maybe you are making some big, face-smashing update, and have no time for it. (Eh, i think not, don’t be naive).

    As somebody said before, this game without sounds wont be as half great as it is. Too bad is, all what was after Dark Crustal update, is not posished as much as earlier things.

    Excuse my accusatory tone, but i am really worried about Chivalry. Please, if ANYBODY working on chiv see this massage, answer. Soothe doubts (not only mine, but every other’s who thinks like me.)

  • Sorry that the world doesn’t revolve around your needs and desires.

  • I’m just confused as to why there’s no general objective voice command that could be used on all new maps, rather than having nothing.

  • A general objective voice command is a hugely different request than full voice acting for all the new TO maps. Remember that the game only launched with 4 TO maps (citadel coming with voice a few months later) and that they added that much in the community map pack. They have mentioned before that sound in UDK is uncompressed and thus does mean large downloads for an update and a big increase to ram use. Ram use might not matter for objective voice acting but this is why there is no barbarian voice acting.
    I think general voice commands would be great though, shit like
    “No mead until the jobs done”
    “We must fullfil our task”
    “Enough with the slaughter, we must get back on task”
    “Push this, burn that, why aren’t we ever told to just kill them all”
    “The king has given us an assignment!”
    “Do I have to do all the work around here?”
    But even with that they’ll have to pay voice actors.

    So yeh I don’t expect much to be done to fix Z+5. But with chiv 2 or whatever I would like voice commands mappers can set. So like a push the cart command, destroy the shit command and general do the objective command

  • The voices are loaded with each map though. Provided it doesn’t load voices that it doesn’t need RAM won’t be an issue.

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