Distant/muffled audio and FPS stuttering on certain maps (Mac OSX)

  • On certain maps, I am instantly hit with poor audio quality, everything is distant and muffled or simply not there. The only thing that stays normal is the music. This makes it very difficult to fight or be aware of what is going on.

    Secondly, on these same maps I notice a nasty performance hit, and the game stutters and skips frequently throughout a match. On the majority of other maps the game runs smoothly without trouble.

    So far I can verify this on: Ruins, and I swear there was a map called outpost, but i didn’t see that name in the official map list.

    Another Mac friend of mine tried the same map with me and experienced the same issues as described above, he has a completely different computer than me.

    Love this game, but some maps have these nasty bugs! Please fix as the only solution is to quit that server or hope a map vote can go through.

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