Linux workshop integration

  • I’m trying to install custom content using the steam workshop. When subscribing to a mod or map, it doesn’t install the item as expected, it just downloads it to the ugc folder under userdata. Is there something I have to do to enable workshop support under linux? Am I missing something?

    Using Ubuntu 14.10, latest chivalry, etc, et al. Any more info needed?

  • Huh. I have that problem on windows and I have to use the old launcher to DL stuff. Not sure if that’s available on linux?
    (right click Chiv in steam, select “Launcher”)

  • sorry Dudeface, no launcher option and no executable in the game directory.

  • That’s a bummer. You could probably just manually move the stuff into the right folder if it actually downloaded (everything) properly though. Unsure of what the stuff looks like on linux though.

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