Competitive Maps Balance/Tweaking

  • This post is mostly for players partaking in scrims and tournements…

    I want to make small modifications to the usual comp maps to get rid of the inconsistencies and tweak some of the less balanced objectives.

    FYI I don’t intend to change the layouts or scripts (Unless the vast majority feels that its needed)

    For now, the only tweaks that I am willing to do are moving unfair spawn positions/ Ammo boxes

    EX : StonesHills 3rd objective ( Impossibly hard for attackers to bring down the king, due to rotations + Mercs mod health regen, and Masons spawn placement)

    Possible fix - Moving attacker spawns to the courtyard entrance, to give Masons a better chance at counter attacking and reinforcing. Will also gives attackers overall more pushes.

    I want to know what do you guys think about this, im gonna prototype it and test it in scrims see if it work or not.
    Also, tell me if you have any suggestions!

    Maps that could be tweaked;


  • Personally I’d be ok with blocking off (from attackers point of view) the top right, top left, and main entrances into the throneroom so that the courtyard becomes the battlegrounds and archers can’t hide behind lions.

  • Do you have a list of particular maps in mind?
    Because I’m sure you’ll agree that attempts at fixing Coldfront, Bazaar and the likes are futile.

  • Yeah thanks for reminding me…

    Yeah the maps you mentionned would need more than tweaks to make them comp viable.

  • I really like this idea, it could be subject for discussion in a mercs balance council meeting. Frod is a level designer for a triple A game dev studio so he knows his stuff and I trust that he can do a great job at doing balance tweaks.

  • Treb 3 when?

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