UGC sales update and future content.

  • Greetings Noble Lords and Ladies!

    The Polycount Arms & Armor contest may be over, but fear not! We are preparing our anvils to start equipping our warriors with an entirely new arsenal of weapons and helmets!.

    In the spirit of openness, we are trying to provide content creators with as much information as we can about the sales of items in the UGC store, so that you can make data-driven decisions based on what our players are interested in.

    (click for full size image)

    As you can see, there is a large disparity between the highest and lowest selling items, and you can see from the graph that stylistic differences had an influence on this.

    Some items that we would love to see more of, or don’t have any potential skins as of yet:

    • Man-At-Arms Helmets
    • Vanguard Helmets
    • Longbow
    • Warbow
    • Crossbow
    • Heavy Crossbow
    • Short Spear
    • Heavy Javelin
    • Sling
    • Saber
    • Cudgel
    • Broad Dagger
    • Hunting Knife
    • Flanged Mace
    • Morning Star
    • Hatchet
    • War Axe
    • Dane Axe
    • Claymore
    • Warhammer
    • Pole Axe
    • Sword of War
    • Fork
    • Polehammer
    • Quarterstaff
    • Light Flail
    • Short Sword

    Remember though, not all weapons are created equal, in that more popular weapons will most likely sell more.

    We’ve settled on the next group of items to be incorporated, and will be looking to the workshop in the coming weeks to choose items beyond that. This will be an ongoing process. Stay tuned for updates coming very soon on the next round. While there is definitely a backlog of quality items that didn’t quite make the cut for the contest, there are still plenty of opportunities to get new items into the game.

    Lastly, we would like to know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the whole process of content creation through implementation in game. This is a new process for us, and will be evolving as we continue to learn more.

  • Great chart! Thanks for sharing.

  • Cool stuff

    What about shortsword and greatsword? They dont have any skins yet, yet they arent in your list :o

    How is the selection process determined? (Workshop votes?)

    Can we still make skins for weapons that already have skins?

  • Last time you added DLC content you borked up the animations hard and have yet to fix it.

    I wonder if this time the game will truly take its rightful place as a playable Powerpoint slideshow.

  • What about Character skins? Are you guys planning on supporting that?

  • @Crushed

    The shortsword has been added to the list. As for the greatsword…you’ll just have to wait and see.

    The selection process of items is determined based on a few variables, first and foremost being quality. Beyond that, stylistic implications, variety per class/team plays a factor, and to a degree workshop feedback.

    You can definitely continue to make skins for weapons that already have them.


    Character skins are currently supported by the system, we just haven’t really promoted it as it is substantial work for content creators. We would love to see some community character skins, but be aware that for the to be incorporated they must meet a high standard of quality. There isn’t currently any documentation on how to do this yet though.

  • Thanks for clearing this up lucas, some documentation on important info for character skins would be great :D

  • Hello and thx for this post! Can I create shields in workshop? If yes, what requirements must be met for the shield?

  • I need a new shorsword! I use it all the time!

    Oh and yeah, I’d love if someone could make some new quality (and not too fantasy) character models!
    Something like this perhaps? (sorry for the really sucky coloring in Gimp)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Made a full suit of armor for Skyrim once (pic), maybe it can be recycled for Chiv. Can’t be that hard to add the possibility to dismemberment…:rolleyes-new:

  • @J-P:

    Light Crossbow skin please.

    When rich people went out hunting back in the days, they had these pretty things


    Made a full suit of armor for Skyrim once (pic), maybe it can be recycled for Chiv. Can’t be that hard to add the possibility to dismemberment…:rolleyes-new:

    Wow, that one is impressive! I would totally not mind seeing that in Chiv ;) I like how it’s not some high fantasy crap, but still original piece of armour. (although the person inside that suit looks very slim)

  • I have another question: how is price determined? does each item in a set raise the price?

  • I would love to see use generated character skins. Perhaps another contest with strict rules and BIG prizes to promote quality??

  • I’ll personally be very wary about making any purchases involving ranged weapon skins, given how off their alignment was. I haven’t the faintest clue what a longbow skin could be made into. It’s already a perfect english yew longbow.

    I’ll gladly purchase a more interesting shortsword though.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Lucas:

    Some items that we would love to see more of, or don’t have any potential skins as of yet:

    What about Doubleaxe?

  • zweihander please….

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