Chivalry: Medieval Warfare won't go online

  • Hello everyone.

    I bought this game a couple of days ago and I have a problem I see a lot people have had. I can’t play online the Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. I just got the “please wait while your game loads” screen forever.

    Important notes:
    *I have tried everything in the giant solution thread.
    *I can play with bots all good.
    *I have the Chivaldry: Deadliest Warrior expansion and I CAN play it online no problems, I can connect to any server in the DLC. So the problem is with the “base game” I suppose.

    And of course, I AM sure I am not trying to play the BETA game (haven’t even downloaded it).

    If anyone can help me I will be very grateful.

  • Does the steam browser work for you?

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