Massive bug reports here :*(

  • I sent torn banners about those glitches… but still not fixed.

    1. after FFA, ROUND_END packet doesn’t sent properly, of course, ROUND_END command doesn’t work on FFA map.

    2. MAP_CHANGED packet sometimes send improper map name.

    3. Server supports only a single core, and it can’t handle 48+ people in a server.

    4. SAY_ALL_BIG doesn’t work properly. it seems same as SAY_ALL.

    5. Loading screen font doesn’t support Korean properly.

    6. The command ‘AdminUnBan’ doesn’t work.

    7. Players can hear weird sound when Server which players played has many users.
    ( you can hear swing / dying sound after you respawn from death… )

    8. Spectator 1st View removed w/o any notice.

    9. Voice commands have weird delay.

    • here is a suggestion about RCON
    • more RCON commands support :
      we can’t autobalance user with RCON commands.
      there is even no information what players’ loadout is.
      at least RCON must contain all of admin commands.

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